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landscape architecture

Our landscape architectural group is committed to the highest level of expertise and innovation in their hands-on treatment of projects. Fundamental site design - including grading, drainage, road alignment, placement of structures, detail design of water features, planting, irrigation, and lighting design - is offered. Bender Wells Clark Design has produced award-winning designs for exterior and interior environments working within the constraints of function, time, and budget.

Members, American Society of Landscape Architects


Bender Wells Clark Design provides services that range from detailed site-specific studies of urban areas of a few hundred square-feet to long-range mixed-use planning projects that involve thousands of acres, many jurisdictions, and many interest groups.

urban design

Urban Design is creating, planning, inventing, conceiving, crafting, and building cities and elements of the urban environment.

There is a growing recognition of the need for Urban Design in shaping, managing, and cultivating the quality of the metropolitan environment -- not just in the inner-city, but for the entire urban area, from center to edge. Urban Design is now considered one of the central components of planning education and practice.

We specialize in urban aesthetics and streetscape, urban structure and form, sustainable development, urban conservation, neighborhood conservation, community identity, design controls and guidelines, and review of plans for proposed development.

We collaborate with many different disciplines to create functional, beautiful environments within cities. Bender Wells Clark Design is capable of bringing together diverse specialists and technicians to create a unified and coherent three-dimensional design. We work in contributory processes with our clients, governmental agencies, an assortment of constituencies, and concerned parties to arrive at a vision that may guide the design of a district, public policy, or investment strategy for an individual project. We produce plans, perspective drawings, altered photographs, models, and detailed drawings of key elements, particularly in the design of public space.

“Urban design is a subset of urban planning, concerned with the direct arrangement of the physical space. Urban planning must consider other important issues, including demographics, ecology, water supply, sewage treatment, transport, energy supply, and so forth. Urban design deals with what we can see; urban planning is effort undertaken to assure that the entire city actually functions once built.”
- J.H. Crawford, Urban Designer & Author

environmental graphic design

Bender Wells Clark Design specializes in graphic and environmental design, including sign systems and wayfinding programs. We provide designs and Construction Documents for directional, informational, and identification signage on projects ranging from small office buildings to theme park entries to hospital complexes.

Beth Bender Wells: Member, Society for Environmental Graphic Design

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